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canfitpro Personal Trainer Cert. starts Feb 20th (Mike Kelly)
For Sale: Tacx Cycletrack Cycle Trainer (Robert Evans)

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 Robert Evans        Ottawa 


 Mike Kelly   (General Comments)
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Happy New Year everyone - hope it's a healthy one.

It's the last week to register for the next canfitpro Personal Trainer Certification course starting Feb. 20th, 2020 and receive the Early Bird Discount. If you have already taken the course, please disregard this. NOTE: Regardless if you’ve already taken the PTS certification, you could also checkout our 1 day course on “Fascia, Movement & Assessment” (FMA), running March 21st, 2020 in Ottawa (applicable to almost anyone involved in fitness/health, with no exams and offers 4 CEC’s – see more info at end of this email).

If you'd like to help people get fit, consider becoming a certified Personal Trainer and get paid to do what you love in 2020!
Sadly, millions of Canadians are in need to a good Personal Trainer to help them get back on track - become a certified trainer with Canada’s largest fitness certification company and be paid to help people get healthier.

Mike Kelly has been teaching the canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) certification program for over a decade (& now, the new FMA course), so you can expect a consistently good training experience.

This 3 segment PTS course session in Ottawa (Orleans), runs Thursday Feb 20th, 2020 (5:00 pm - 10pm), and Saturday, Feb 22nd (8:00 am – 6:00 pm); and then continues on Sunday, Feb 23rd (8:00 am – 6:00 pm). The associated theory exam is March 14th (although there are also other exam dates to select from and the practical exam is scheduled afterwards regardless). It's not mandatory to attend every minute of each segment, but depending on your background, it could be advantageous. The all inclusive EARLY BIRD rate (e.g., Course material, Course Sessions, Both Exams, and extra Online segments etc.) is $584 + HST for members (a little bit more if you’re not a member).

NOTE: If you are considering wanting to work for Good Life, take the training from Mike Kelly, as the GLPTI fully recognizes this canfitpro course, i.e., there is no longer any need for canfitpro trained candidates to take the GLPTI program afterwards - so save some time and money by getting certified through the canfitpro directly. Most clubs will require canfitpro certification if you plan on working for one. Take the course with canfitpro directly and learn from an instructor with years of experience and who is an active Personal Trainer himself. The canfitpro certification is required by most gyms, including Good life. Over the years, I have trained Personal Trainers for most of the fitness clubs in Ottawa, big and small, including the City of Ottawa facilities.

Bonus: For interested students, I will be offering an Ultrasound Body Fat assessment at for only $10 (an 80% savings, only available through Mike Kelly’s courses). Ultrasound compares to CT & DEXA scans for accuracy, as opposed to things like BIA that can be very wide ranging in results based on different hydration levels etc. (something Ultrasound is not affected by).

You can register by contacting the canfitpro office at 1-800-667-5622 or (simply ask to register for Mike Kelly’s PTS Course starting Feb 20th). You can also register for the first exam at the same time, running March 14th (although other exam dates are also available). If you have any questions or would prefer to register with me over the phone (leave a message and I'll get back to you). Although not directly associated with Good Life, this canfitpro session does use the 10th Line Good Life for its great facilities, located in Orleans and offering free parking. I have trained 1,000+ students now working for both large and small clubs alike, including city owned facilities, as canfitpro certification is the most widely recognized in Canada. NOTE: Early registration also ensures you’ll have your course materials delivered from the Toronto head office in time for the course.

Some prior student comments for my courses (no pre-requisite background as I’ve taught all from,
House Mom/Dads to Kinesiology majors etc.):

“Even with a background in kinesiology, I found this class extremely informational... (Mike Kelly had an) incredible
amount of knowledge...would be impossible not to learn anything new!”
“(Mike Kelly) really great, made the harder subjects easier to understand through teaching style”

“Timely, informative, well presented”

“(Mike Kelly) very knowledgeable & organised. Classes were very fun!”

“(Mike Kelly) very professional and interesting”

“(Mike Kelly) very knowledgeable and made the course fun for the class. Respectful and respectable”

“I was very pleased with the quality of instruction. Mike Kelly was extremely knowledgeable and provided numerous
examples from his own experience which proved very helpful in learning the material”

“Fascia, Movement & Assessment” (FMA), running March 21st, 2020 in Ottawa

Learn more -

This one day course that I’ll be running provides 4 PTS or FIS CECs for the Live & Online Course (you need 4 CEC’s per year to maintain your canfitpro status, so given there is no exam for this course, it’s a great way to secure the CEC’s). The course runs Saturday March 2nd 9am – 4 pm (includes 1 hr to take for lunch and a short break) at the Place d’Orleans Good Life location. As this course is a fairly hot topic in fitness these days, expect course seats to fill quickly, so don’t delay. It is applicable to anyone working with clientele in regards to movement, i.e., Personal Trainers; Fitness Instructors; Yoga Instructors; Massage Therapists etc. Looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces on the course!
Note: This course is for ongoing education purposes and does not replace, or provide, the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) certification nor is it granted an equivalency.

“Taking the Fascia Movement & Assessment course with Mike Kelly was an eye opener to how the human body should function and move in a correct way. He has a lot of knowledge in the fitness field. He is able to go in depth in terms of how one dysfunctional area of the body can affect the whole body. Mike teaching the course made things really easy to understand. He has worked with people from all kinds of background, starting from elite athletes, amateurs, the average working person and people in the senior home. I will highly recommend anyone looking to better their fitness live to take a course with Mike. I've learned so much in a short period of time with Mike. This means more knowledge and a best way of training my clients functionally."

Mark Ahegbebu, Personal Trainer, GoodLife Fitness
“I recently took canfitpro’s “Fascia , Movement and Assessments” course, which I have to say, was great, covering a lot of interesting and useful information. Mike Kelly, the protrainer, did a great job to make the material easy to understand, also adding in some of his own experiences, using good analogies. Although there was some theory, the bulk of the course was very hands-on, with many postural assessment tools and associated exercises. It will definitely make me a more knowledgeable and better-informed trainer to further help my many clients. I highly recommend this course."

Matthew Tymchuk, Personal Trainer
“I've participated in the FMA course which provided me with a good understanding of what fascia is all about as my knowledge of this subject was minimal. The Pro Trainer, Mike Kelly delivered the material by providing descriptive examples of its function, some videos and made us get up from our chairs to perform some of the exercises/assessments. He also took the time to demonstrate how to incorporate assessments in our training program and how to analyse the results. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge on this subject. I enjoyed the course and with this new found knowledge, it will certainly help me be a better Personal Training Specialist."

Julie Gaudreau, Personal Trainer


Mike Kelly,canfitpro PRO TRAINER PTS & FMA

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

 Robert Evans   (For Sale/Rent)
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This Tacx cycle trainer is a sturdy basic magnetic resistance trainer with a handlebar mounted resistance control. It’s not a smart trainer, but it can still give you quite a workout! The front wheel block/riser keeps your wheel in place and the setup also includes the original Tacx quick release skewer, which fits perfectly into the rear wheel mounts.
Robert Evans