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Welcome to!

This website is dedicated to motivating multisport athletes in Ottawa and the surrounding region. On this site, you can log your training, see what local races are coming up and sign up for the Daily Newsletter. In the Daily Newsletter, you’ll see posts from the TriRudy community. If you have anything to add, you can even make a post of your own and have it included in the next day’s newsletter! We love seeing general comments about sport/the community, race reports, questions for the group, or classifieds ads. and the Rudy Award were founded in 2001 by Rudy Hollywood, after some suggestions from his friends. In the 90s, Rudy had an email list of local triathletes that he would email regularly so that they could schedule their group training, ask about specific races and equipment or to all laugh at a joke. This modest list triathletes grew to about 20 people and the number of emails from Rudy & Co were in the dozens per day. That’s when Dev Paul suggested that Rudy compile all the emails and send ONE email every day and spare everyone from a crowded inbox. In a time before social media, Rudy was able to grow his subscription list to over 10,000.

Since 2001, Rudy has sent a newsletter every weekday morning and has motivated thousands of people to live an active lifestyle.

In 2018, Rudy and his wife Joan retired from and passed the torch over to Adam Kourakis. The daily email continues and the website lives on! In an attempt to stay true to Rudy’s vision, we’ve copy/pasted Rudy’s original mission statement and “rules” for posting.

We hope that you’ll subscribe to and that you’ll find value in the TriRudy community. Mission Statement:

From its humble beginnings in Ottawa, Canada, “Rudy’s List” continues to be a work in progress serving as a means of keeping its members informed of matters as they pertain to the athletic community generally and to the multi-sport community specifically through the posting of notices of events, races, training and education as well as meaningful critiques of races and events experienced by members. A tasteful flow of information is encouraged as is debate on issues of genuine concern to the community for which it serves via the internet. is a not-for-profit entity that supports and partners with other organizations to promote active, healthy living for all segments of society in a friendly environment rooted in the philosophy that “enquiring minds want to know.” Posting Rules and Guidelines:

Debate and discussion is encouraged, however will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts all of which are prohibited.

Each member is allowed one login account using one’s real name therefore multiple accounts and fictitious names, pen names, handles or initials are prohibited.

Registered members through the use of agree to not use this site to post any material that is knowingly false or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually explicit, threatening, libelous, invasive of a person’s privacy, contrary to copyright laws or in violation of any other Canadian criminal or civil laws.

Registered members will refrain from “he said, she said” posts and will take their differences off board behind closed doors without exception. Posts that link to “adult” websites will be deleted and the author banned permanently. Postings lacking in tact will be deleted.

Registered members when posting race or event reviews are to do so in a clear, polite, professional manner. When legitimate problems are experienced or are of concern with an event or race, address such matters with tact and suggest possible solutions to the organizer(s) in an appropriate fashion.

Spamming is prohibited as is the gleaning of membership information for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising directly or indirectly.

Prejudicial comments, jokes or posts are prohibited. Demeaning comments, jokes or posts using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, nationality, gender, physical or mental challenges or other distasteful comments or insults are unacceptable and the author may be subject to suspension or removal from the site.

Illegal activities are prohibited. Any posts that violate or encourage others to violate the law are prohibited.

Classified ads are for items or goods or a personal nature and ads are not to be that of a commercial enterprise.

Some posting guidelines: do not post thank-you messages to every person who answers your question; do not post a question or information that has been posted previously; do not post in all upper case because IT’S LIKE YELLING; and do not post personal messages as this is not a chat room. Please email the person directly and spare the rest of us from your personal issues or matters. Keep the exchange of meaningful information just that, meaningful to the multi-sport community. When garnering information from other members through a question or through a request for advice or assistance, please have the courtesy to thank them privately for their efforts and share the results, findings or conclusions on the site in a condensed format for the benefit of all as enquiring minds want to know.

It is the responsibility of all registered members to be aware of the foregoing rules and guidelines and by registering and by logging on to they agree to abide by them.