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"I shave my legs twice a week. It's hard the first time you do it. But I'm very lazy. For a team photo in December I just did the fronts." --- David Millar

Team Triumph Holiday Flash Sale Offer #1/3 (Julia Aimers)
Looking for Clinic Instructors (Merivale Road Running Room)
Volunteer Swim Coach Needed at Boys and Girls Club (Geordie McConnell)
ITALY (manny agulnik)
100 Runs/ 100 Day Challenge on (Devashish  Paul)
Human 2.0 Sports Clinic Accepting New Patients! (Anita Pozgay)


 Julia Aimers   (General Comments)
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Holiday Flash Sale Surprise!

It's finally here. We expect the quantities to run out, so now is the time to register. Listed below is offer #1, available NOW for Tri Rudy friends! Offers #2 and #3 will be coming out on Monday and Tuesday.

Deadlines are looming and quantities are limited, so sign up NOW!

Team Triumph Weekend Warrior - 48 hour Flash Sale (Dec 16-17)

A great package for the time-crunched triathlete!

Saturday Long Brick - 1.5 hour indoor cycle/30-60 min run on a treadmill or track or outside if it’s nice. Get access to a full gym of strength training equipment and then relax and recover in the hot tub, steam, and sauna after practice. Our program is specifically designed to have you peaking in time for the outdoor season so you are ready to crush your goals head-on.

Sunday Swim Practice - Get out of the lane swims where traffic can just get you frustrated and jump into our swim practice where your stroke will be corrected and your program will be carefully designed and progressed for you. Take the struggle out of your swims and enjoy swimming effortlessly with like-minded triathletes. Be ready to enjoy your races with a new improved stroke and speed that you’ve never had before!

No matter what the weather is like outside, you are guaranteed to get your workouts in. …no excuses!

We are releasing just 10 spots in the next 48 hours and then the Weekend Warrior Flash Sale will be gone Sunday night at 7 pm!

Combine Saturday Brick Training and Sunday Swim Practice and get $35 off your package!

Register now before the flash sale is gone!

Contact us N0W -

Julia Aimers
Certified Exercise Physiologist
Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming Coach, Yoga for Athletes Instructor

Team Triumph Triathlon Club Ottawa
Sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario

Volunteer Race Director:
Mike Collingwood Triathlon at Meech Lake

Triumph Triathlon Store

 Merivale Road Running Room   (General Comments)
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Are you looking for incentive to get outside and run this winter? Why not become a clinic instructor? The Merivale Road Running Room is looking for charismatic leaders with a passion for running! We are in immediate need of instructors for the 5k, 10K and 1/2 marathon clinics starting in January.

Perks of being an instructor include free race entry into Running Room sponsored races, as well as an employee discount on all items sold in store(for the duration of the clinic).

Start the New Year off right by sharing your knowledge and passion with a keen group of runners!

If you are interested in teaching please get in touch at
Merivale Road Running Room

 Geordie McConnell   (General Comments)
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The Boys and Girls Club swim team, based at the Ron Kolbus Clubhouse on Dumaurier (Pinecrest and 417) is in need of a volunteer or two. They have a great little group of kids that form their swim team, practicing on Monday and Wednesdays from 6 to 7pm. The guards have been doing the coaching but we're looking for an experienced swimmer to help by taking a leadership role. Please email if you can help out. One night of the two would be great!
Geordie McConnell
Geordie McConnell

 manny agulnik   (General Comments)
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8 days and 7 nights accommodation with buffet breakfasts.

Daily luggage transfer.

Self-guided with great maps and GPS tracking.

295 km from the ALPS to the SEA

Starting from March 24th until October.

Cost from $1075 per person double occupancy

For more information, please check our website. or email with questions.

Our next embassy presentation nights will be at
Ottawa Public Library Main Branch 120 Metcalfe at Laurier.
Room B125
7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:30.

January 16h with the assistance from the SPANISH Embassy

February 13th with the assistance from the GREEK Embassy

For both or either of these wonderful opportunities to find out about cycling, boat/bike, hiking and adventure tours and ask questions from the embassy themselves,

Please rsvp SPACE is limited!

And for the perfect holiday gift, consider purchasing an
OK Cycle and Adventure Tour gift certificate that can be used towards the purchase of any of the over 500 partner tours featured on our website.

Email to purchase on line.

manny agulnik
2006 City of Ottawa Bruce Timmerman Award Winner

 Devashish Paul   (General Comments)
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Hey trirudy-ites, I started the 100/100 challenge back in 2006-07 running every day for 100 days (actually while Ray Zahab was running across the Sahara)...I figured if Ray was running a marathon per day, I should run 10K per day.

Anyway the challenge morphed into something larger than I would have ever expected and quickly grew to 100, then 200 and they growing as much as 700 people from around the world every winter (Northern Hemisphere).

Below is a cut and paste from the challenge information on


The last few years we have had 500+ athletes from all over the world. Invite your friends and training partners. The more the better. Thanks to Slowman for accommodating us and hosting this virtual training camp on their website at no cost !!!

On Dec 15th we'll start the 2017-18 edition of the 100 runs in 100 day challenge, commonly known as 100/100. The thing has evolved somewhat over the past few years, due to and contrary to popular demand. The basic unit that counts as a run is 30 minutes.

The goal of this entire challenge is to lay down a solid run base by doing volume through frequency. The goal of the challenge actually is not to randomly be doing a bunch of short runs, although some in the past may have chosen to. The goal really is to increase your overall mileage which will hopefully result in better performances next year as long as you don't go overboard and injury yourself. Frequency is the carrot to get you overall mileage, but don't end up using it to get injured!

The runs can be outdoors or on a treadmill, but it must be running (no water running, no elliptical trainer...). Walking does not count...there must be two feet off the ground at some point in every stride (the difference between race walking and running) and there must be forward motion so 30 minutes of jumping jacks will not count either :-) :-) :-).


You can take days off

You can do days with more than one run (doubles)

You can and likely should take rest days

You get no credit for going longer than 30 minute wrt number of runs, however it will help your distance totals. Over time, many of your runs will be in excess of 30 minutes.

If you go fast, it will show up in your total distance over the challenge in less time and the speedsters get to beat the crap out of each other.

You can go as slow as you want provided both feet leave the ground on every stride

Listen to your body if you need to take a day off. Don't get too sucked into what the other geeks on the standings are doing (who am I kidding? Talking to a bunch a type A tri geeks)

By all means, use the overall standing as a motivator to push you up a level, but don't put yourself in the injury/hurt locker in the middle of winter

Don't sprint out of the gate in the first 3 weeks....easiest way to get injured...start slow....perhaps take your aggregate mileage over the last 3 years and divide that total by 156 to get a gauge for what your average weeks for the first 4-6 weeks should look like before you ramp up

If you make it through 10 weeks (70 days), pour it on in the final month when your body and mind can take it.


For a run to count as a double, it must be separated by at least 1 hour. I have to pick a duration to separate 2 runs and it can't be 1 minute or 5 minutes, and putting 1 hour in between means that I will allow you to count a run-swim-run, run-bike-run, run-wts-run, run-XC ski-run, run-McDonalds-run as 2 sessions as long as the thing in between lasts for at least 1 hour (be it 40K on the bike, or a session at the donut shop).

11 years ago _EH_, Jana and I put down 100 days in a row of running 30 min or more with ZERO rest days. Not really recommended. The last few years we have had approximately 50 or more hit 100 runs in 100 days, but that's really not for everyone (nor should it be).


While some might go for 100 runs, the reality is that unless you are already running 4-6 hours per week, this is not a realistic goal. If you did over 2500K of running last year, you're probably good to go to attack the full 100 (assuming you have no injuries)

For most a realistic goal is to start at Bronze club pace (or less) and then see how things go.

Platinum Club = 100 runs in 100 days (March 24th)
Gold Club = 90 runs in 100 runs in days
Silver Club = 80 runs in 100 runs in days
Bronze = 70 runs in 100 runs in days

It is great training for anyone doing a spring marathon or an early season triathlon, and you'll be shocked by how quickly you accumulate mileage, all without getting injured...because the focus is keeping them short and aerobic. By all means feel free to run longer than 30 minutes, but the main goal here is to get you out the door, 5-7 times per week, especially given that the weather is generally shitty for riding in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.


The goal is to encourage people to run as much as possible. Sometimes, life gets in the way. We have lives outside sport.Something is better than nothing. So if you do 2 runs shorter than 30 minutes in one day (ex 20+15), you can count the total as 1 run, but beyond that, you can't keep adding up incremental amounts to count for additional runs. For example, a 50 minute run and 10 minute run in one day won't count as 2 runs and nor will 20+20+20. They will both count as one 60 minute run (you can add your short run amount to your large run amount to get full mileage credit).

So basically let's say you do a 15 minute run covering 3K. You can't enter this as a "complete run" for your "club status", however, if you do many of these over the winter, they all add up to more base, so what you CAN do is add these 15 minutes in your entry for your previous if your previous run was 45 minutes, and 9K, just put it in as 60 minutes and 12K and take some partial credit for it.

However, we just added a fairly major change to this for 2015-16 to encourage people a bit more. What we will allow is twice per week have two days where 15 min counts provided you make up the time the NEXT below:

New in 2015-16 was an allowance for 2x per week minimum run of 15 minutes which must be followed up by 45 run the next day. A 15 min run earlier in the day, followed by a 45 min run later in the day does not count for 2 runs in that day, it still counts as the usual 1 run of 60 minutes. The reason for this is that the minimum on 2 days per week of 15 min run is being instituted to assist people in not over doing mileage on days when perhaps a short jog or transition run off the bike or swim is all they should really be doing in the context of an overall triathlon program"


1. Go to
2. Sign up for a training log account if you don't already have one
3. Then go to
4. Look for the 2017-18 100 runs/100 days challenge and sign up for it, by clicking "enroll"
5. Now start entering your runs in the slowtwitch log. Make sure you only enter runs =>30 minutes as one entity. If you have a 20+15 day, enter it as one workout of 35 minute or it will not get rolled into the results sheet
6. Please ensure that you log a distance along with the time. If you don't know the distance, please try to estimate...this will also get you finely tuned to your pace at various times/distances...great for racing
7. Your runs will automatically get entered into the challenge results sheet with everyone else
8. From the challenges home page, click on the link to go to the 100/100 challenge, which will allow you to view the results
9. Once click on this link you will end up at the results page. You can click on any of the column headers, and it will sort the sheet based on that category (frequency, time, distance, aerobic points.
10. Please note that you must be logged in to actually enter your data. You can't enter data without logging into your account (seems obvious...)
11. You should be able to sync to the ST log via Stava. Ericthebiking will brief us on that.

And as was the case in previous years, there is lots of tough love around here, but everyone means well. If you think I/we might be hard nosed, let me just say, that offline, I get beaten up by even more hard core guys accusing me of making the challenge too "soft". So the rules are the rules (we had a discussion thread about that every year) They've been refined over the past few years and love them or hate them, they kind of work and out of respect to previous years' finishers, let's stick with what works OK.

Please put any questions on this thread. Better to put them here than send me PM's or emails, because they may not be answered n real time if sent directly to me, but if you post on this thread there are a bunch of guys and girls who will likely answer questions for your immediately. It's like being in a big training camp with a bunch of veterans. You don't need to ask the organizers all the questions. There are a bunch of vets who probably can provide much better insights than I can.


On my side, I am awaiting a disc surgery (some complications resulting in a crash at IM Switzerland 2011 affecting my walking, biking and running), but until the surgery, will be doing some shuffling around on my Woodway and hopefully some snowshoe running to compliment my daily dolphin tank swims.

Please post stories about your workouts, pictures from running days and chime in to motivate each other on this thread. Don't just log workouts and disappear. The community engagement is what its all about to keep one another motivated
Devashish  Paul

 Anita Pozgay   (Announcements)
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Human 2.0 is a Sports Medicine Clinic and Sport Training Facility in South Ottawa (near Heron and St. Laurent). We are accepting new patient referrals! I am a non-operative sports medicine physician who works alongside an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Chris Raynor. We also have on-site sports physiotherapy, personal trainers, and bracing.
Come check us out!

Dr. Anita Pozgay
Human 2.0
2202 Thurston Dr. Ottawa
613- 730-5483

Anita Pozgay