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for Friday Jan 23 2015
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"To go to hospitals and see people fight and overcome cystic fibrosis or cancer or any number of illnesses is to see courage that is humbling. And athletes constantly need to be humbled." --- Dale Murphy

canfitpro PTrainer Cert (March 5th w Bonus) (Mike Kelly)
Carleton Athletics Atlantis Equipment for Sale (Lynn Marshall)
Register for GranFondoOttawa - July 25th, 2015 (Melanie  Estable-Porter)
Congrats Kevin - Ultraman Triathlete of the Year!! (Julia Aimers)
Running like a flower ... (Chris Hayes)
re: Single Parent Exercise Advice (Mike Kelly)
Response to Single Parent Dilemma (Cyndi Kennedy)
Everything's Fine at Meech Lake Mr. Murray (chris  frank)
Get a Taste of our Great Canadian Ski Adventure! (Parham Momtahan)
Looking for thriathlon/biking camp in March/April (Marie-Josee Denis)


 Mike Kelly   (General Comments)
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Hi Everyone

Hope you're all enjoying the winter so far and staying fit - sadly, millions of Canadians are not fit, which is a major reason why clubs are always on the outlook for good Personal Trainers. NOTE: If you've been following the news, some of the large clubs are on a growth spurt and thus looking for trainers!

The next canfitpro "Personal Trainer Specialist" Certification course in Orleans, starts March 5th, 2015. Register now to get the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT. NOTE: The course outline is available on both the and sites. Earn income while helping others - sound good? Personal Training is one of the fastest growing job segments in Canada.

Here is a recent student's opinion on the courses I run:

"As a former professional athlete and coach I've had the opportunity to attend many courses, seminars, and presentations. Mike Kelly offers a first class CANFIT certification course with all the elements a student will need to succeed.

Mike, is well educated, passionate and experienced and students attending his course are awarded with his patience and ability to make complicated material easy to understand. Mike takes the time to answer questions and it is clear he wants each and every student to succeed. I highly recommend Mike Kelly and his CANFIT Personal Training Specialist course."

Lawrence Ringwald

See what some other prior students have said, further below (visit my website for additional references and course outline).

This field is constantly growing, so no time like the present to become a certified trainer. This session takes place in Orleans (east Ottawa area).

You can register directly at (search through PTS certification for "Ontario" and then "Mike Kelly" - if registering as a non-member, you'll need to adjust the webpage scroll bar to the top of the registration page in order to view the Registration Form) or contact me directly.

Note: Although beneficial, attendance on this course does not require any prior fitness background, as I've trained everyone from stay at home Mom & Dads to Physiotherapists to Kinesiologists. This course is a great for those interested in getting started in the Personal Training field - we teach you structured preparation, planning and proper gym techniques.

Student Comments:

- “Even with a background in kinesiology, I found this class extremely informational... (Mike Kelly had an) incredible amount of knowledge...would be impossible not to learn anything new!”

- "Very experienced and knowledgeable! Personable, unintimidating."

- "Very pleased with Mike. His experience in so many areas was extremely helpful."

BONUS: For interested students on my course sessions, I'll also be offering a basic Ultrasound Body Fat% assessment for only $10 (~80% off regular price) on the last day of this course. Ultrasound compares similarly to DEXA and CT scans, so get an accurate read on your body composition, after taking this Personal Trainer certification course.


Mike Kelly
Ph: (613)830-1300
Website: ""

Mike Kelly

 Lynn Marshall   (General Comments)
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This month's Carleton surplus sale includes some Atlantis (like Nautilus) gym equipment and similar that I thought might be of interest to some (or someone you know):

Details here:

Hope everyone's training is going well.

Contact me if you are interested in private swim lessons at Carleton.

All the best.
Lynn Marshall
Carleton Masters Swimming Head Coach

 Melanie Estable-Porter   (General Comments)
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GranFondo Ottawa and the Lung Association once again partner for this annual ride including distances of 65km, 100km, 170km and 220km. Less than 10-days remain until our Early Renewal Registration rates expire, don't delay. Check out the awesome Biemme jersey design for this year, handmade in Italy and as an added bonus, registering by January 31st gets you your shirt in the spring at our Fit Day! Our ride routes are being tweaked to add a little elevation and showcase other great rural roads and towns throughout the Lower Ottawa Valley and Ontario Hylands. Again our Four Diamond hotel partner The Brookstreet is offering their room at $129.00 w/parking and WiFi. We also offer special packages for teams/groups/clubs/shops of 10+ riders. Register to ride Help the Lung Association by riding in support of the 1 in 5 people who have a lung condition including asthma, COPD, lung cancer, sleep apnea and other conditions. Register here to raise a minimum of $300 before you ride the GranFondo Ottawa Because when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. Funds donated through the Silent Auction also support people with lung conditions. The Lung Association’s “I Love Lungs” Team will be on hand volunteering during registration days, and the day of the ride on Sat. July 25th, 2015.
Melanie  Estable-Porter
The Lung Association, Corporate & Community Development Officer

 Julia Aimers   (General Comments)
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My heartfelt congratulations go out to Team Triumpher, Kevin Willis of Ottawa for being chosen as the Ultraman Triathlete of the Year by Triathlon Magazine Canada!!! He is in good company with the likes of Kirsten Sweetland, Brent McMahon and other great triathletes.

Way to go Kevin...Team Triumph and Ottawa are so proud of you!!
Julia Aimers
Certified Exercise Physiologist
Team Triumph Ottawa Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor

Volunteer Race Director Mike Collingwood Triathlon at Meech Lake

Sales Rep

Sponsored by: Guru Cycles

 Chris Hayes   (General Comments)
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I run at lunchtime, doing "The Bridge Loop", Alexandra and Portage. Running down Wellington it has been cold but the sun is shining ahead, drawing me along. As I approach the Welllington/Portage/Parkway intersection I have to decide whether I should turn and go across the bridge, doing a shorter loop, or if I should continue on just past the War Museum and turn around there, doing a longer loop and coming back to cross the Booth Street bridge. I start out cold with the intent to do the shorter loop. By the time I get to the turn I am warm and I follow the sun. When I turn to head back past the front of the Museum, heading east, the sun is shining to my right. And that is when I feel like a flower ... I am running East but my head is turning south, in search of the sun. What a great feeling!
Chris Hayes

 Mike Kelly   (General Comments)
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Referencing Lynne Dillon's request for information related to “Single Parent Exercise Advice” - Lynne, if you'd like to provide an email address to contact you, I would be happy to share some insight regarding this topic (my little sister is also a Single Parent, so the information request is something I'm familiar with). The exercise possibilities of course have a lot to do with what your current fitness level is and goals are.


Mike Kelly
We Mean Fitness, Inc.
Mike Kelly

 Cyndi Kennedy   (General Comments)
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Lynne Dillon, I hear you but couldn't find your contact details! We should talk. I would elaborate right here but I just don't have the time tonight. I was a single mom for four years and trained pretty hard all the way through. Like I said, we should talk. Email me!
Cyndi Kennedy
Cyndi Kennedy

 Dominique Larocque   (General Comments)
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This SUNDAY, January 25 - 9 am sharp in front of the 5th Avenue Chalet. $25 per skater. Dress warm as this is technical drills. Please put payment in an envelope with your full name and tel#. The lesson will last a solid 90 minutes+ Please confirm your attendance with email in case I have to cancel lesson due to weather and skateway condition.

Maximize your nordic blades. I work on the canal as the Safety Patrol Coordinator and I see so many skaters on nordic blades that could improve their technique with just a few tips. Go slow to go faster! Email Skating technique will improve your skate skiing technique. Cheers!
Dominique Larocque

 chris frank   (General Comments)
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JP Murray is at it again. Polluting a fine sporting venue with his personal political opinions presented in his inimical way. What a shameful and unjust personal attack. Our good neighbour's-who purchased their property on the open market and in good faith- only sin is to have crossed Murray's flawed vision for this part of the world. Private property has been a fact of life at Meech Lake since the 19th century. Those who own property here have the same rights as those who live elsewhere in Chelsea or the rest of country for that matter, including home renovation. What probably annoys our local ideologue the most is that the governing party and the loyal opposition support these (our) rights too!

Chris Frank, Meech Lake, QC.

chris  frank

 Parham Momtahan   (Announcements)
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We are going to have great conditions for the CSM trails, with the weather forecasts. So, if you have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to come register and come ski the beautiful and legendary trails on Feb 7,8!
You can register to ski anywhere from 12 to 80 km per day on Saturday and Sunday by choosing your category and number of sections.
The CSM-Taster for only $45 ($25 if you are under 18), is our invitation to you for a sample of this wonderful ski adventure. You can ski Section 5 (Saturday, 16 KM) and Section 10 (Sunday, 12 KM).
Come to the Louis-Joseph-Papineau High School in Papineauville on Saturday and Sunday (usually only a 1 hour drive from Ottawa-Gatineau or Montreal) and let the complimentary CSM busses take you to the checkpoints for skiing the final section of the CSM each day. Tasty snacks and fun activities await at the Fun Finish, and the busses will return you back to the school. Fun and convenient!
If you are already registered and have friends and family who wonder what our wonderful event is all about, let them know about the CSM Taster and get them to come Share the Adventure with you!

Parham Momtahan

 Marie-Josee Denis   (Other Comments)
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Hi I would like to go to a training camp in Florida or somewhere south around Easter time April 4th. If you know of any available in Florida, South Carolina, Tuscon or other, I would appreciate if you could share info. Florida with an affordable travelling option for a week to 10 days is what I prefer at this time. Thank you for your help. Marie-Josee Denis
Marie-Josee Denis

 Rudy Says: This year the 16th. TriRudy camp again will be held in North Carolina from Mar. 29th to Apr. 11th.