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"I never worry about being driven to drink; I just worry about being driven home." --- W. C. Fields

Tri Ont Announces Venues for Long Course Series (Triathlon Ontario)
Raceclicks.com Relaunched (Graham Acreman)
Are Your Scars Affecting Your Performance? (Colin liggett)
CAMINO SPAIN (manny agulnik)
Plus d'énergie, plus de vitalité en 2017? (Karolyn Boyd)
2017 Winterlude Triathlon (Don Mac Donald)
Runner's Web Digest - January 20, 2017 (Ken Parker)
8wk WINTER Road Cycling Program (D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust)
NOTICE to MSO Member Clubs and Swimmers..from MSO (Rudy Hollywood)
Exercise Study (University of Ottawa) (Brian  Friesen)
For Sale: Skates`Bauer Nike LTX`- sz.6.5E - NEW (Howie Sarault)
For Sale: Skate- Easton `Z-Air ` adult sz.12C- Lik (Howie Sarault)
For Sale: Kona Process 134 (Sean Kilpatrick)
For Sale: STAGES POWER METER - SHIMANO 105 5800 (G (Harry Webster)
Garmin Forerunner 405 (Chris Hayes)
Follow-up: When Madshus go walking... (from Nakker (Berry de Bruijn)

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 Sean Kilpatrick        Carleton Place 


 Triathlon Ontario   (General Comments)
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Triathlon Ontario, the recognized Provincial Governing Body of Multisport in Ontario, announced today the venues for the 2017 Triathlon Ontario Long Course Series.

The Series consists of four events, with the best two results counting towards the points calculation. Points are awarded based on finishing position in age groups within the top 20 placings. Participants must be a Triathlon Ontario member by the end of the last race for their results to be included in the final standings. Winners of each division will have their names engraved on the Long Course Series trophy, as well as, an individual trophy presented at the annual Awards Banquet. In its first two years, the Series averaged over 400 participants earning points in the competition.

The Series hosts are as follows:

-The Series kicks off June 25th with the MultiSport Canada Rose City Long Course Triathlon in Welland.

-Cottage country is the backdrop for the next stop as a new course design at Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka plays host to Series stop number two on July 9th. Due to the deeper field and challenging course, 1.25x the points are available.

-The Series moves over to Kingston on August 6th for the MultiSport Canada K-Town Long Course Triathlon. This scenic race is one of the oldest in the province, having started in the mid 80’s.

-On September 17th, the Series heads back to where it all began in Welland for the Series finale and Long Course Triathlon Provincial Championships. The host race being the REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman. Points are worth 1.25x for this event. Barrelman will also be a National Qualifier for 2018 ITU Long Course World Championships with two automatic spots per age group per gender. A full list of 2017 Provincial Championship venues and 2018 National Qualifiers will be published next week.
Triathlon Ontario
About Triathlon Ontario
Triathlon Ontario is a non-profit organization that is the recognized Provincial Governing Body for Multisport in the province of Ontario. Our mission is to provide leadership and governance for the development of a safe and fair environment for Multisport in Ontario. Triathlon Ontario oversees the sanctioning of races and clubs and undertakes a number of duties and responsibilities on behalf of athletes at every level, coaches, clubs, officials and race directors to ensure the growth and development of the sport in a fun and safe way. For more information please visit: www.triathlonontario.com.
Follow us on Twitter: @TriOntario
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TriathlonOntario

 Rudy Says: Wow.

 Graham Acreman   (General Comments)
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Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to let you know that Raceclicks.com has been revamped to improve your user experience. Some of the improvement include:

- The website is now responsive. This means that if you're checking it out on your mobile device it's going to look much better. Yes, we know - it was about time.

- We've consolidated races - example: for the Army Run we used to list the race distances separately (5k, 1/2 marathon, etc). Now it's listed as one event with multiple race distances.

-You can still filter for specific events. For example, if you want to see just the 5k races you can click "Running" then "5k". Brilliant!

- Each event now has a description.

- You now have easy access to all your historical race reviews. Don't forget to log yours - they're a great reference for other athletes and even better for you to refer back to later on. Memories fade over time and it's (almost) always fun to recount events from the past.

We've made a number of other little tweaks and changes and hope you'll visit.

As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback.

Graham Acreman

 Rudy Says: Excellent

 Colin liggett   (General Comments)
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That knee surgery made your running almost as good as it used to be, but you're not quite back to 100% yet, are you? How about that 10 year old appendix scar, is that slowing you down?

This is going to sound crazy, and I assure you three years ago if someone had told me a scar had the ability to decrease athletic potential, I would have laughed inside then found a way to cut the conversation short and slip away.

These days, I can say with 100% certainty that it is true. I can demonstrate to clients the effect of scars in such a way that by the end of a session, they are fully onboard with the concept too.

Briefly, if you have a scar (from a fall, cut, surgery etc) there is roughly 80% chance that the scar has a negative effect on your athletic performance or is a driver of chronic pain. This is because the body doesn’t spend time neatly reconstructing tissue when you have an open wound. Instead, it fills in the area as fast as possible to prevent infection and what you end up with is a jumbled up mess of tissue. For our purpose, the most important thing to note is that proprioceptors (sensory receptors) can often be laid down incorrectly in the scar and thus become dysfunctional. When these proprioceptors are stimulated (e.g. by being stretched) they send faulty signals to the brain, the brain recognizes these signals as faulty and temporarily decreases your strength as a safety mechanism.

That’s a little counterintuitive. You would think if your brain anticipated injury, it would increase your strength via the fight or flight mechanism. It can do this, but that is a separate mechanism that overrides the inhibiting mechanism in extreme circumstances…. like those stories of mums lifting cars etc off the ground to rescue their child.

Our brain's first response when faced with the potential of injury is to decrease our strength, because if we are about to sprain a ligament or strain a muscle, we will do so to a lesser degree if we don’t have access to the full potential strength of our body.

Once this scar issue is identified with Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), it only takes about five minutes to fix these neural dysfunctions so they never reoccur. I am not only talking about recent scars either. I frequently fix scars that happened to clients when they were a child. Interestingly, tattoos are treated as scars in NKT, as they often cause the same inhibiting mechanism.

Come visit me at Ottawa Neurokinetic Therapy and see for yourself how your scars are affecting your performance or causing chronic pain. Still sceptical? Not a problem- it’s healthy to be so. If you're not convinced by the end of our session, I will happily not charge you a dime.
Colin liggett

 manny agulnik   (General Comments)
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Cycling or Walking

OK Cycle and Adventure Tours offers both cycling and walking options for the famous Camino trail.
Luggage moved daily.
For full information (some on the website-not the 18 day) email katherine@okcycletours.com

The fully supported four day ride from Ottawa to Kennebunkport, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean still has space. Four nights hotel accommodation with breakfasts and three dinners. Daily luggage transfer between hotels. And day five back on the bus.

Two dates.
Spring June 1st to June 5th
Summer July 11th to 15th (date chosen to be the last date for training to improve your time for the Tremblant Ironman.
Also great vacation date!
Sign up with friends or we will match singles up!
Our tour qualifies as the Rideau Lakes alternative for the TriRudy Award.
Information www,okcycletours.com or email me manny@okcycletours.com

We still have space for our next presentation evening at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library 120 Metcalfe Street
7:00 pm room B125. Space is limited so please reserve katherine@okcycletours.com

Topic will be "Road Cycling Tour Opportunities Around the World"
manny agulnik
2006 City of Ottawa Bruce Timmerman Award Winner
OkCycleTours okcycletours.com

 Rudy Says: Be there

 Karolyn Boyd   (General Comments)
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Désirez-vous plus d'énergie, plus de vitalité en 2017? Etes vous déterminés d’atteindre vos objectifs cette année? Retrouvez votre pouvoir!!!

Je crois que nos modes de vie influencent énormément l'état de notre santé.
Apprenez et surtout, maîtrisez et intégrez, 10 habitudes essentielles pour retrouver votre bien être!

Je vous invite a cet atelier d'une durée de 10 semaines les mardis de 19h a 20h qui commence mardi le 24 janvier, 2017. Je vais partager les informations et exercices a chaque semaine pour intégrer les habitudes essentielles de tous les 4 piliers de la santé (http://www.karolynboyd.com/les-4-pilliers-de-la-sante) pour un bien être épatant!

BONUS: Évaluation d'impédance bio-électrique gratuite avec achat d'une participation aux ateliers (valeur de 60$).
115$ plus taxes
Reçus d'assurances disponibles en naturopathie et kinesiologie.

Envoyez moi un message personnel pour plus amples détails (Karolyn Boyd).
Karolyn Boyd

 Don Mac Donald   (General Comments)
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Welcome to the 2017 Winterlude Triathlon. This years event is being held on Saturday February 4th at 8:00 am sharp on the historic Rideau Canal at Dow's Lake. Details and registration can be found at www.WinterludeTriathlon.ca.
This is the first event of the 2017 TriRudy awards. As most know Rudy has traditionally participated in the Winterlude Triathlon, the Keskinada Ski Loppet, The Rideau Lakes Bicycle Tour, a marathon and an Ironman Triathlon. If you'd like to emulate Rudy and his racing it starts here with the Winterlude Triathlon.
We are currently positioning volunteers on the skate, ski and run courses. If you are watching the event, supporting a participant or looking for volunteer hours please contact me. Good luck to all participants and thank you to all those who volunteer and make this event happen.
Don & Rick
Don Mac Donald

 Ken Parker   (General Comments)
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Friday's Digest topics:

1. Acute-To-Chronic Training Ratio Calculator
This formula is a big improvement over the old ten percent rule. Use it to stay injury free.
2. The New Rules of Hydration
3. Strava Is Killing the Blissful, Beautiful Loneliness of Running
Sure, the fitness app makes training and racing more social, but running is meant to be isolating. The question is: Can we run without it?
4. Should I Try an Activity Tracker?
5. Are Your Hip Muscles Out Of Balance?
6. Know Thyself
Don’t let the Theranos saga fool you: we’ve entered a new era of self-quantification, in which on-demand blood testing is sold as the easy way to fine-tune your training and nutrition. Can an algorithm really replace your coach?
7. The 5 Best Glute & Hip Exercises for Runners
8. 3 Ways to Get a Grip On Winter Running
9. Build A Foundation For Running Fast
10. Pregnancy, Running, Identity and Purpose
11. The Science Behind Miracles
How our minds push our bodies to defy expectations, beliefs, and even our own biology—in short, to make miracles.
12. Coming Back from a Stomach Bug: Gastroenteritis Treatment for Athletes
13. Treadmill Tip of the Week: Build Mental Strength with the ‘Mill
14. Running May Be Good for Your Knees
15. Why You Should Give Up Trying to Become a Morning Person
I always felt guilty for being a late riser. Then science told me to embrace my natural sleep patterns.

Which of the following magazines do you read?
* Runner's World
* Running Times
* Track and Field News
* Inside Triathlon
* Triathlete
* Canadian Running
* iRun
* Triathlon Magazine Canada
* 220 Magazine
* Other

What is/are your preferred post-race or post-workout beverage(s)?
1 Sports drink 119 (17%)
2 Water 125 (18%)
3 Chocolate milk 123 (18%)
4 Soft drink 103 (15%)
5 Beer 109 (16%)
6 Other 111 (16%)
Total Votes: 690

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Ken Parker
Ken Parker
The Running and Triathlon Resource Portal mailto:kparker@runnersweb.com
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 D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust   (General Comments)
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If you missed the 16wk, and the 12wk, join us for 10wks including the MAP test.
Winter Road Cycling Program in OTTAWA, with DTS (D’Aoust Training Systems)
Training program designer: Sylvie D’Aoust, Level 3 Road Cycling National Coach

What to expect from this Winter Cycling Program:
-Theses programs will have a MAP test on a different day, outside the program.
-14yrs of experience facilitating this program
-Learn to train with your HRT Zones and power (WATTS)
Weekly training session.
-Focused training program to improve your cycling aerobic and anaerobic capacity, endurance, strength, power and speed, this is the program for you.
-We will be conducting two MAP (maximum aerobic power) tests, in order to track participant’s progress over the program. The last MAP tests will be scheduled week 9.

First MAP test is to determine participants Heart Rate Zone, for the purpose of the 8wk program, the last to track improvement over the 7wks
Full facilities (shower)All fitness levels welcome and encouraged to register, BUT be ready to work HARD, to achieve your cycling goals

Class length 1:30hr
8 wk Sessions: Start February 7, 2017
MAP test schedule: Monday, Feb 6 at 23pm - Iron North Studio
Register here:

Tuesday night: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Wednesday night: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Friday Morning: 9:00am-10:30pm

REFUND policy: There is NO refund once the registration is processed. We will allow transferring the registration to another person.
Other cycling training options and cycling services:
Personalized monthly coaching (cycling, weight training)
Sports Nutrition Consultations/Coaching
Spin Scan Analysis
D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust
Level 3 National Road Cycling Coach
FIGURE Competitor
Personal Trainer
SPORTS Nutrition Consultant
Powered by Isagenix

 Rudy Hollywood   (General Comments)
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January 20, 2017

NOTICE to MSO Member Clubs and Swimmers

On January 9, 2017 Swimming Canada (SNC) notified its provincial sections that the sanctions for all Masters swimming meets are void. Any masters club wishing to apply for a SNC event sanction must now be affiliated with a SNC provincial section, like Swim Ontario. Similarly, masters swimmers in Ontario must now be registered directly with Swim Ontario (SO).

This action was taken after the Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) Board delayed in allowing the upload of swimmer registration data, including email address, to the SNC registration database. The Board was concerned about its responsibilities under privacy laws, which requires informed consent prior to transferring personal data to a 3 rd party like SNC.

While the Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) bylaws clearly outline the registration requirements for MSC members, there is no such clarity in the SNC-SO bylaws and policies which are not directed at independent Provincial Masters Organizations like Ontario, Manitoba and BC.

For further background, please refer to the August notice informing you of major changes for the 2016-2017 season and MSO’s AGM package
( http://www.mastersswimmingontario.ca/ ).

At this time, the MSO board is reviewing options and will share these and its recommendations with member clubs and swimmers.

In the meantime, MSO member clubs and swimmers need to be aware of the following:

MSO Insurance allows Swim Meets in Ontario, including Provincials, to proceed

For insurance reasons, MSO had been approving all swimming events prior to requesting an SO sanction. These approvals are now MSO-only Sanctions.

Meet managers should take additional care to properly have all volunteers sign in to their events; it is recommended that meet managers use the MSO meet system for officials and volunteer sign up in addition to local sign-up sheets

Masters swimmers from other provinces or countries (e.g., USMS) may continue to participate in MSO-only sanctioned meets. However, they must also register under MSO’s Single-Event Registration which extends MSO’s insurance coverage to out-ofprovince swimmers. This was used for the Canadian Masters OWS Championship and the MSO Board has extended it to pool events.

Meet managers may obtain Single-Event Registration Forms and instructions from the Competition Chair.

Ontario swimmers not eligible to swim in SNC sanctioned meets

•SNC no longer recognizes MSO (or MSC) membership. SNC will not allow MSO swimmers to compete in MSC’s 2017 Canadian Masters Swimming Championship, which is sanctioned by SNC’s Quebec affiliate.
•MSO members continue to be insured outside of Canada and a certificate of insurance will be issued if needed.

However, MSO members will not be eligible to compete at the FINA Masters World Championship in Budapest because SNC no longer considers them to be “affiliated with the Canadian (FINA) federation.” For the same reason, SNC will not allow World FINA record applications to be forwarded to FINA.

•The World Masters Games in New Zealand are NOT impacted since the Games organization is not a FINA federation and does not require its participants to be affiliated with FINA.

•Swimmers wishing to attend USMS meets should be aware that, while they continue to be MSC members, the USMS may choose not to recognize their Canadian affiliation. For greater certainty, swimmers may wish to join USMS or swim under the USMS One-Event Registration.

Status of Canadian Masters Records unclear

•SNC has implied in other correspondence that it will not allow recognition of MSC National records set by MSO swimmers. At this time, MSO is seeking clarification from MSC since MSO swimmers continue to be its registrants.
•MSO will continue to recognize any results and records brought to their attention.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Brian Sheridan at info@mastersswimmingontario.ca.
Rudy Hollywood
Rudy Hollywood
"Persistence counts; Consistency pays" -- Rudy

 Brian Friesen   (Announcements)
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Researchers at the Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit (HEPRU) are currently recruiting participants aged 18 to 75 years to take part in an exercise study.

At this time we are especially in need of healthy older adults aged 55-75 years as well as individuals with type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension (18-75 years).

Qualifying volunteers will receive a VO2max test (gold standard in assessing aerobic fitness) and a body composition analysis (hydrostatic weighing technique) ($650 value). These results will be provided to you upon completion of the experimental session.

If you want to learn about your physical fitness and are interested in helping researchers at the University of Ottawa study the effects of exercise-induced heat stress in older adults and individuals with diabetes and/or chronic hypertension, give us a call at 613-562-5800 ext. 4270 or email us at hepru@uottawa.ca.

In your reply to this announcement, please include the following information:

• Name
• Age
• Contact information (telephone # and email)

Details of the study will be provided to you upon receipt of your contact information.

Feel free to pass this on to friends and family!

Brian  Friesen
Brian Friesen,
PhD Candidate, CSEP CEP,
The Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit (HEPRU),
School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa,
613-562-5800 ext. 4270 (Office),
613-793-5482 (Cell)

 Howie Sarault   (For Sale/Rent)
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For Sale; Bauer Nike `Vapor LTX` hockey skates. Ringette players !
Adult size 6.5 EE - with Tu`k Lightspeed 2 bladeholders
Stainless steel blades-Brand New condition - Never Used.
Stiff boot-Very light skates. Can send pics..$70.
Howie Sarault

 Howie Sarault   (For Sale/Rent)
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For Sale: Easton `Z-Air comp` hockey skates.
Size- 12C Adult- with Bio-Dri lining.- Bio-Lite foot insert.
RazorBladz holders- Parabolic Stainless Steel blades.
Detachable blade-Dry Flow on sole of skate.
Mint condition-Can send pic..$70.
Howie Sarault

 Sean Kilpatrick   (For Sale/Rent)
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2015 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Sean Kilpatrick

 Harry Webster   (For Sale/Rent)
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Used one season - sold bike, new groupset.
Harry Webster

 Chris Hayes   (For Sale/Rent)
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An older model. Picture available. Battery will last in GPS mode for a few hours, I.e. Last RLCT it ran out about an hour before I finished. It should still last for a 4-5 hour marathon time. Otherwise, a good, durable watch. Garmin makes good hardware and their software is improving immensely.

This would make a good watch for a young person/student starting to run who doesn't have the money to purchase one yet. If you or someone you know is in this situation, it is yours. Yup. Giving it away.

Ceh at rogers.com (I only check my email once or twice a day).
Chris Hayes

 Berry de Bruijn   (Other Comments)
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I had hoped (even expected) to report back with a feel-good story of a joyful reunion, but the skis that went missing three weeks ago at Nakkertok are still missing, and are now presumed stolen. It sucks, especially since it was so early in the ski season (good sales are still weeks away), and since it happened at a trusted place like Nakkertok.

Anyway, our lesson learned (and a reminder to you all) is that there is a lot to say about marking your gear with stickers and/or name tags. Maybe not so much to remind yourself what gear is yours, but rather to remind others what gear is not theirs.

> Did anyone find unfamiliar skis in their skibox as they unpacked from a
> great ski at Nakkertok on Monday afternoon (January 2)?
> My wife's skis disappeared from the ski racks near the Nakkertok stadium
> as we enjoyed our late lunch in the chalet. We suspect someone grabbed
> the wrong pair and headed home, leaving us somewhat stranded and quite
> annoyed. Drop me a line if you have them. Description: Madshus classic,
> fairly new, NNN bindings, red+white+black with black waxable base, some
> black hockey tape on tails to stopgap delaminating.

Berry de Bruijn