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Upcoming Ottawa Area Races via (Graham Acreman)
Wetsuit Recommendation (Jeff Rodney)
Thoughts on IM, HALF-IM, and life (Chris Milburn)
TECHNO - 360° TRAINING - ALL IN! (Technosport Coach  Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT)
For Rent: condo for rent Mont Tremblant, Iron Man (Virginia Boro)
For Sale: Thule Vertex 4 Bike Hitch Mount Bike Car (Michael Edwards)
For Rent: SUP board (Amanda Brandimore)
A Calgary 70.3 Relay and Unofficial Aquathlon (Mike Burke)
2015-07-28 15km OBC Women's Time Trial (Celia McInnis)

Welcome to
 Michael Edwards        Ottawa 


 Graham Acreman   (General Comments)
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Here are some of the upcoming races in the greater Ottawa area::

Aug 1: Somersault National Capital Triathlon & Duathlon
Aug 1: Ottawa 5k Run Series
Aug 2: K-Town Triathlon
Aug 8: MS Bike Ottawa - Cornwall
Aug 8: Ottawa Spartan (Super)
Aug 9: Ottawa Spartan (Beast)
Aug 11: Beaver Chase Running Series (6k, 2k)
Aug 15: Night Race (10k, 5k, 1k)
Aug 16: 1000 Islands Triathlon & Duathlon
Aug 16: Ironman Mont Tremblant
Aug 23: Cornwall Triathlon
Aug 23: i2P Run (100k, 50k, 38k, 23k, 15k, and 10k)
Aug 29: Power in Pink Hike and Trail Run (10k, 5k, 3k) now lists more than 20,000 upcoming races across North America.
Graham Acreman

 Jeff Rodney   (General Comments)
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Hi Folks.

I have been racing Olympic and 70.3 distances for a few years now and am looking at investing in a higher end wetsuit. I currently have a Zoot force 4.0 but even though I have a good fit, I still find it restricting in the shoulders and legs ( when kicking ). I also own a short sleeve suit which is better but because of water getting in and being less streamlined, I am much slower in the h2o. I am 180lbs and 5'10 with an athletic build. That said, when 90% or more of the Tri athletes use a full suit and are much bigger than I , there has got to be one out there!

I have read all the reviews on the suits in re $700+ range but am at a loss as to which one would offer the best flexibility in the above areas while still providing the allowable bouyancy.


Jeff Rodney

 Rudy Says: Jeff... when I was in the game one had very few wetsuits to choose from (Orca, or Ironman) ... now there are many and considerably less expensive. So, shop around (like choosing a bike) be very careful to get the right fit at the right price. If you get a chance try before you buy to see if there are any spots that rub. In you climate I recommend a long sleeve although with this weather and the water conditions many triathlons are not allowing wetsuits.

 Chris Milburn   (General Comments)
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I have been following the discussion about the IM brand with great interest, ironically over the time that I was in Lake Placid at IMLP.

I'll try to be brief with my 2 cents, but I could talk for hours about this. My wife Julie (Curwin) and I have talked about this issue for years. Julie did her first tri around 1985, me in 1990. Julie has seen it from the elite side, I am just the tag-along age group hubby (mainly kept because of bike mechanic skills) Obviously we both love the sport. I have a lot of great things to say about IM and a lot of gripes. Those of you tri-rudyites with long memories may recall that I unintentionally offended Graham Fraser many years back with some negative comments about the profitability vs. athlete-friendliness of IM. it's not my intention to do that, and anything negative I say is not aimed at anyone in particular.

The good sides:
-IM is a known quantity. You can pretty much always say that it'll be a safe course, enough food, a great atmosphere, big crowds, well-marked, gorgeous venue. I've never been to an m-dot race and regretted going (although I've often regretted signing up in the last 10 miles of the run!!)
-international fields at many races - you are going to meet people from all over creation, which gives the whole event a great, exciting feel.

The downsides:
-$$$ - it ain't cheap!! Especially now with the Canadian dollar sucking so bad, plan on spending up to 1000$ just to enter!
-LONG LINES. At IMLP I got in the porta-john line at 5:55 for a 6:30 start, got into the porta-john at 6:16. Good thing I wasn't serious about the race this year or I would have been stressed.
-Gouging - I'm pretty sure we got a "special Ironman price" on the condo we rented. I'm sure after IM week it'll be half the price again.
-1-year advance signup - how many people really know what life will bring a year from now? Change in work, sick parent, injury, just "not into it"? And despite some recent improvements, they don't have a great refund policy
-Drafting - drafting is RAMPANT at the IM North America races I have been at, and policing is completely inadequate for 2000+ cyclists, many of whom are apparently consciousless psychopaths (cycle-paths?) who don't self-police. Every race, including this one, I see huge packs of people that either pass me or I pass them. ( I won't mention a name, but an athlete with a name starting in B, in a Canada uniform I am embarrassed to say, was sucking along in packs each time I saw her at turnarounds.) Not cool, but ever so common - part of why Julie got turned off of IM after her experience in 2000 at IM Canada. It's not fun to follow the rules and be beaten by many people who are cheating.

The implication that IM is the most amazing type of triathlon to do is wrong. Is it more amazing to do a sprint race in 1hr 10min, or to finish an IM in 16hrs? I know what I think. But unfortunately there is what I call "the water-cooler effect". You're back at work on Monday and everyone - athletes and non-athletes - are chatting about their weekend. One girl says "I ran a 5K in 18 minutes and came third. People yawn, check their text messages, and mumble "that's great, congrats". Some guy says "I did an Ironman" (not mentioning it was in 16hrs). Everyone stops, jaws drop, and they gush over him like he's the greatest athlete in the world. I think this is why so many people gravitate to long-distance racing rather than trying to improve their performance at shorter races.

Finishing an iron-distance race is an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and signing up for one promotes goal-setting and commitment skills that for many spill over into other areas of life. If you haven't done iron-distance, put one on your bucket list. But keep in mind that IM is WAY over the line for the amount of exercise you need to do to promote a healthy body, and a healthy work-life-play-family balance in the long-term.

To the original post that started this discussion: Julie and I had the exact same reaction - an eye roll - as many of you must have when we first heard of the name change from half-ironman to Ironman70.3 a number of years back. It shows to me that IM is first responsible to their shareholders, and 2nd to their athletes. They are a business, and I can see why using diminutive terms like "half" is not good business. But it's honest. If someone had branded and owned the name "marathon", I suspect a half-marathon would now be a "marathon13.1". It's the way of the new world of branding and marketing. Not my thing, but I understand where it comes from. Personally I still use the term "Half-Ironman", and would never say I "did an Ironman" if I had only done a half.

There is a general discussion to be had somewhere in the midst of all this, touched on by Tom McGee. Sadly, there has been a little bit of an abandonment of small local races in recent years in favour of the big "destination" races. Ones where you get big medals, and official finisher photos, with big crowds, and where your family can't get near the finish line to meet you. I think this is partly because as a society we just travel more, but partly because people have bought in to the marketing and hype, and have been distracted from what I see as the real prize - the real beauty of this sport. Not a finisher's medal or everyone at work saying "wow, you did an Ironman!", but instead a venue to connect with awesome people in your community, a path to good health and a "wide" life if not a long one, and an internal sense of accomplishment that can be missing in modern jobs and modern society in general.

I like to say that people roughly divide into two general types: the type that say "That sounds hard, I don't want to do that", and the people who say "That sounds hard, I want to try that". Triathlon brings the latter group together, and they are the ones I like hanging out with.

Sorry to write a book, and to get perhaps a little too philosophical. Fatigue after 2 days in the car, and a glass of wine with a lap cat, at a picture window overlooking the Bras D'Or Lakes can do that.

Chris Milburn
I think I have animal magnetism, because when I woke up this morning there was a squirrel stuck to my forehead -

 Technosport Coach Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT   (Announcements)
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Check out this new Techno plan that may be exactly what you're looking for!

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This plan also gives you automatic membership in our Swim Skills, Drills & Video Plan, as well as our Video Package Plan, both of which offer you specialized detailed swim analysis designed to eliminate your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

You’ll also have access to all Technosport member-only programs like Spinning and Training Camps. With this plan you have all aspects coordinated!

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Technosport Coach  Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT
A proud TriRudy Award sponsor and $$ donator!
Check out Facebook for more tips on training, motivation and nutrition.

 Virginia Boro   (For Sale/Rent)
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Two bedroom, two bathroom fully equipped condo for rent August 14th -16th, Ironman weekend, five minutes from the mountain. Also available before and after the weekend. For further information please contact Virginia Boro at
Virginia Boro
Sports Medicine Clinic

 Michael Edwards   (For Sale/Rent)
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Unique arc design makes it easier to load and unload, provides better ground clearance and gives you greater distance between your bikes for easy transport.

Hold Fast Cradles™ cushion bike and provide maximum bike security

Anti-Sway Cages prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact

Hitch Switch™ Arms Fold Down when not in use and Rack Tilts Away for hatch or tailgate access


Includes Hitch Lock
Michael Edwards

 Amanda Brandimore   (For Sale/Rent)
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SUP board for rent!

It's an inflatable board, 10 1/2 ft long. It comes with the pump, bag and paddle. It's very easy to transport as it fits nicely in its carry bag.

Rental cost: $20/day, $100/week (7 days)

Amanda Brandimore

 Mike Burke   (Race Reports)
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OK, there was no official Aquathlon,
But that is what I thought I would do as the swimmer on a relay team,
Unofficially of course.

The Calgary Half course goes point to point,
Where the " 1.9 " K swim ( see below ) is a 90 K bike ride
Away from where the run starts - perfect.

Tried to get a practice swim in a few days before the event
But the day I was driving by, there was rain and hail and lightning
So, not a real good idea
And then the small lake was properly closed the day before the event
Due to the tragic drowning death of 7 year old Caleb on the Friday evening

So pretty much everyone was swimming the course
Without having had the chance to practise
The multiple right and left hand turns built into it
This was the second year for this swim venue
And the organizers had added a number of new buoys to help mark the course

Unfortunately, they didn't help

Because of a significant jog added to the end of the swim course,
Which was not shown on the website course plan beforehand
Pretty much everyone got it wrong
But I am getting ahead of myself

The relay start was right after the Pro Men and Pro Women
How cool is that !
After a subdued Moment of Silence for Caleb and the national anthem
I got in a 2 minute warm up swim and was ready to go
Quick good luck wishes to Sue Love who was also swimming the Relay
A couple of horns and 49 of us Relayers are off
Running and jumping through the shallow water
Until it feels right to start to swim
Madly pulling to keep the Pro Women in sight
And trying to get a head start on the young bucks coming up after us
So that they don't completely run us over

First stretch goes well. nice rhythm, easy sight on the first buoy
Make the right hand turn, head for next one, a left, swinging a little wide
But catching it OK too
Get into the long flat stretch, strong thumbs up pull and push at the end of the stroke
Reach the next right hand turn
Sight on the far away buoy and start pulling for the long stretch home
Or not

Feel a couple of the young bucks go by
But happy to draft along behind them in their bubbles for as long as I can
Breathing hard but steadily, still feeling strong

And then there's the guy on the Stand Up Paddle Board
Yelling and waving at us that we have to go back
To another yellow buoy, about 200 meters away
What ??!! along with some choice cursing by a few up closer to him

Pass on the cursing and swing a hard right 90 degrees
To go back to the other yellow buoy
Get halfway there, when another swimmer skims by me
Going in the opposite direction - Yikes
Move over a bit more

Get to the buoy
And Now I am heading for home
Dig in and pull for all I am worth
Start passing a few - go figger
Hold off on standing up for the run out for as long as I can

Pop up to the sounds of our team cheerleaders just a'hollering
How cool is that !
Get so excited that I stumble in the sand
Catch myself and continue running up the beach
Hard right around the corner, long straight run to the far end of transition
Swing into the bike racks
Hollering " Bob !! "
He grabs the chip bracelet and is gone
While I gasp for breath for a good 3 or 4 minutes - ahhhhhh
12th of 49 teams out of the water
40:20 for what was at least 2.2
And what one swimmer later said was 2.6 according to her GPS watch
Even the great Andy Potts went off the intended course
And had to do a couple of hundred extra meters
In a way, I hope everyone got it wring, so that at least we were all doing the same distance

Jenny and I get a drive back to the hotel by Laura
Take a little while to reorganize
Head off the 2 K to the second Transition area
Where Jenny will meet Bob off the bike to start her run
Oh, and cheer on her boyfriend, Blake, who did the swim and bike
But wisely chose to pass on the run due to a foot injury / recovery period

We do an easy jog for 1 km to warm up
Get positioned to see Blake and settle in for the wait
When Whoosh, he goes flying by - Whew, we just made it
Jenny goes into T2 to be ready for Bob,
Oh, and greet Blake
While I trundle off about 500 meters down the Run course,
Where I will start my unique run portion

And try to hold Jenny back for as long as possible

20 minutes later, here she comes, down a gently decline,
As she is flying by anyone ahead of her
Get my legs going and pull her back to a 5 minute / km pace
While I try to keep up

She stays with me for the first 5 K
Chomping at the bit to be " released ", so that she can take off again
Hit the 5 K mark, just as a long downhill starts
And she is gone
I carry on, at a much more civilized pace, for me, of 5:45 / km
Except on the couple of steep short climbs,
When maybe it was 6:45

Do my turnaround at the 8 km marker and head back
Happy for the shade, happy to be heading home
Not happy with the reverse of those short sharp hills
Get up over the last, longest one
( see above, re Jenny takes off )
Catch Bob again, swing around at the 4
For a 1:07 12 K and I'm done

20 minute wait for Jenny to come in
And we roll up the finish chute together

Not everyday that you get to be on a 70.3 Relay team
With your niece. Super special
Hobble home ( Oops, maybe ran a little farther than I should have )
Happy with a 14th place finish of the 49 teams
Happy with the volunteers
Especially the poor guy on the SUP who had to take all the abuse about the swim course - he done good.

The Calgary 70.3 swim course still needs some work to be properly defined. It is a complicated course. The tragedy the day before meant that there was no critical mass of swimmers who knew where they were going on that final leg. It was a small price for showing respect for the victim. But the course did not match the sketch shown on the website either, so they do have some work to do
Mike Burke

9. 2015-07-28 15KM OBC WOMEN'S TIME TRIAL
 Celia McInnis   (Race Reports)
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For links/photos associated with this report, see:

It was nice and hot tonight (33°C) and 11 women came to ride the time trial. Only two people improved upon their season-series best, though more of us might have done so if we had started an hour later and benefited from the change of direction in the wind. I know that I was happy to be blown to the second half of a Chamberfest concert!

Congratulations to Tricia Spooner (21:50 which is 41.221km/h) for doing the fastest 15km time thus far this year in the WTT series.

Here are our times:

21:50 Spooner, Tricia (VBF)

23:45 Marleau, Dianne (VCF)

24:13 Ingham, Alison (VBF)

24:46 Hunter, Kelsey (SEF)

24:54 Bender, Sandra (VCF)

25:53 McInnis, Celia (VCF)

27:53 Robert, Renée (VDF)

29:56 MacDonald, Nicole (VBF)

31:16 Byskov, Karen (VBF)

32:04 Cooper, Jean (VEF)

33:20 Johnson, Laura (VAF)

Happy Cycling!

Celia McInnis
Visit for a tool to track, analyze and compare ABC, CYF and OBC time trial performances in tabular or graphical format. This service is donated by myself for your pleasure and benefit. If your club would like to have results available here, send me an email!